Thursday, 31 August 2017

Keep on giving

Hi everyone,

I was recently asked the question 'what causes are close to your heart?' and it got my thinking. I am happy to be writing this post as I feel giving back is important and ways we can do this is by going to local events set up to support charities close to us (or just ones we like to support).

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What causes are meaningful to me?

To start with anything to with children. As a childcare professional and a Mum myself, I always donate to children's charities.

Secondly, anything to do with the elderly. Alzheimer's, dementia, just anything to support the elderly really.

Another is anything to do with animals. I will always donate to animal charities. As an example I used to sponsor a dog with Dog's Trust. It happened to be a birthday present to me as its what I wanted for my birthday.

I will also always donate to Help for Hero's and similar charities.

To be honest, I always donate to any charity no matter what they are raising money or awareness for. Even if I donate a penny or fifty pence I know that I have put something towards helping someone out there. It makes me feel like I have done something good and makes me feel a whole lot better, especially if I am having a bit of a rubbish day. There are so many charities I haven't mentioned above.

What causes are meaningful to my family?

To be honest the same as me. We donate wherever and whenever we can. I don't want to go into to much detail as I haven't asked my family if it is okay to write about who they donate to. I feel its personal and they may not want to talk about it and for that reason, they wouldn't want it going online.

What fundraising events have I attended?

I know I have attended many, but I cant remember every single one. One big one that I know a lot of people will know are the Macmillan coffee mornings. I always try to attend one and we used to hold one where I used to work. I have been to firework nights where they have been donating money to particular charities. In school we would host events for Red Nose Day, Sport relief and Children in Need.

What would I like to get more involved with?

I would love to do the race for life! I have always wanted to get involved with that. I would also like to hold my own events, like the Macmillan coffee mornings. I would also love to do something for Children in Need, you know when you see the people on TV holding the check with a great some of money? I would love for that to be me one day.

How you can get involved:

There are so many ways for you to get involved. At the supermarket entrances, at the end of a checkout, in the middle of your town centre you'll see people holding little pots. You can put your loose change in them. Or if your not out and about and would like to do something now, you can go online and donate on their official websites. You can host your own event or pop along to someone else's. You can even go along to the big events like Race for Life. This is where Eventbrite makes it easy. Search your town under charities and causes, all of the events you can attend are all in one place and you can buy your ticket there and then (some are even free!). Here are a few I have found that sound good to me in any area in the UK:

Bubble 5k- Northampton 2017

Wigan and Leigh 5k Colour Run

We're Going on a bear Hunt- Walberton

The Colour Fun Run 2017- Bristol

Open to All 5k Midnight Walk 2017- Glasgow

Tasha x


  1. Love this post! I love to dip in and out of charity shops because there are always a lot of great quality things to be found and all the money I pay for these things will go towards a great cause. I have also nominated you for the mystery blogger award and the details can be found on my blog xx

  2. i love when charity events are made really fun! i love giving to charity

  3. Being in such a fortunate position it's always nice to support charities!

  4. I always try to give to cancer research xx

  5. This post is so sweet, I don't read many posts about charity so this is a refreshing subject to read about x

  6. This was a lovely post. I'm a big believer in animal's rights and give to organisations like the world wildlife federation when I can.

  7. This is such a lovely post! I think it's incredibly important to donate to charities and support them in any they can x

  8. Lovely post this, I really admire and respect you!

  9. Fab post, very different but informative too!