Sunday, 21 May 2017

Tiny Tickers BBC Lifeline Appeal*

Hi everyone,

A bit of a different post today. This is a pre-written post by the charity Tiny Tickers. I would be grateful if you could take the time to read this. 

Airing Sunday 21st May 2017, 4pm on BBC 1
& Wednesday 24th May 2017, 1pm on BBC 2

Every two hours a baby is born in the UK with a serious heart condition. Congenital heart disease (CHD) is one of the biggest killer of babies in the UK, causing one in every 13 infant deaths. Early detection of heart defects means babies will get the treatment they need from the first opportunity – which can save lives, improve post-surgery survival rates and lead to a better long-term quality of life.

Tiny Tickers is the only national charity with a focus on improving the early detection, diagnosis and care of babies with heart conditions. Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect and it is Tiny Tickers’ ambition that no baby should ever die with an undetected heart defect.

Tiny Tickers’ work can literally be life-saving. They provide specialist, on-site training in maternity hospitals to sonographers and health professionals who perform pregnancy scans. To date, they have trained thousands of health professionals, helping improve detection rates of heart defects at 20 week scans and giving the babies a better chance.

At 20 weeks, a baby’s heart is only the size of a grape, making detection very difficult, which is why Tiny Tickers provide their specialist training to sonographers. Unfortunately, not every single heart condition can be picked up at this stage so  as well as providing the specialist training, Tiny Tickers also provides a safety net for those newborn babies who are sent home with an undetected heart condition. They do this by increasing public awareness the signs of heart failure in babies, with campaigns such as Think HEART

On Sunday 21st May at 4pm on BBC 1 Tiny Tickers will be featuring in a BBC Lifeline appeal, presented by Gabby Logan. By sharing very different stories of two babies born with heart conditions, Tommy and Rocco, the appeal demonstrates how Tiny Tickers’ specialist sonographer training can save lives.

The appeal begins with Natasha sharing her story. Her son, Tommy, had a congenital heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries, which sadly wasn’t detected before his birth. When he was born, he displayed all the signs of heart failure - his skin was a blue colour, he didn't want to feed, he was always asleep and cold to touch. At the time, Natasha had no idea Tommy was in heart failure but she knew something was wrong. She voiced her concerns to numerous medical professionals, but the diagnosis came too late. Tragically, at 11 days old, Tommy passed away.

The second story has a far happier ending. Like Tommy, Rocco also has Transposition of the Great Arteries. But unlike Tommy, his heart defect was detected at his 20 week scan. This enabled him to receive life-saving treatment as soon as he was born and at six days old he had open heart surgery. Today, Rocco is a happy, healthy three year old and a huge Chelsea fan!

The sonographer training carried out by Tiny Tickers, coupled with their awareness campaigns, saves lives. Heart defects can happen to anyone - 90% of pregnancies with congenital heart disease have no historic risk factors. Tiny Tickers’ BBC Lifeline appeal is an amazing opportunity to help more babies like Rocco and prevent tragedies like Tommy’s. The donations generated from the appeal will help train even more sonographers and save more lives.

Make sure you tune in to BBC 1 on Sunday 21st May  at 4pm (and repeated at 1pm on BBC 2, Wednesday 24th May) to watch the appeal. If you miss the appeal on TV, you can catch it on the BBC Life website here*. Anything you can give will help Tiny Tickers train more sonographers and spread awareness of the signs of heart failure.

       £5 could pay for two ‘early diagnosis packs’ to be sent to expectant parents who have just been told the devastating news that their baby has a heart defect. This pack will help them understand more about their baby's condition, and what to expect during the rest of pregnancy and after birth.

       £10 could pay for 1000 heart cards to be produced. These cards alert parents to the signs and symptoms of heart problems.

       £25 could provide 40 doctors surgeries with life-saving information on spotting the signs and symptoms of heart problems in a baby, information they can also share with their patients.

       £75 could pay for one sonographer to receive specialist training. He or she could identify a heart condition in a  baby and save its life.

Congenital heart disease takes the lives of more babies than any other birth defect. Your donation can help  save the lives of babies with heart conditions. Please watch the appeal and give what you can. Thank you.

*The appeal will only be live on the website from broadcast time

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Organyc beauty review*

Hi everyone,

I have recently been in contact with the lovely people from Organyc beauty. They kindly sent me out some products to review:

cotton pads, cotton wool, cotton balls, baby wipes, sweet caress, cotton wool buds

You may or may not know that this coming week (15th-21st May) is Organic Beauty Week. I love to use organic/well known products especially when it comes to things I use on Darcie. This way I can be assured that there is nothing nasty going on to her delicate little skin. This is one reason I was excited to try Organyc. Organyc are also certified vegan and 'eco cert' certified too.

So I will start with these Organyc beauty cotton wool pads:

The first thing I want to do is give a big thumbs up to the packaging design. I love the fact you can open these 2 different ways. You can even open them from the top and use the handy drawstring close. Your second option is that you can open them from the bottom and use the packet as a handy dispenser. I tried opening from the bottom and they don't all fall out you can pull one round pad out at a time. A bit about how the packaging is made:
'The packaging is made with renewable raw materials, and it is biodegradable and compostable.'
Overall the perfect packaging.

Moving on to the cotton wool pads themselves. They are made of 100% organic cotton and have 70 cotton wool round pads in a pack. Honestly, I couldn't fault them. The first thing I tried with these was to take my nail varnish off. They are tough and did not break into pieces like others I have tried. These would 100% be perfect for removing makeup. They are lovely and soft and have an 'embossed side for gentle and deep cleaning'. This is great so you can get 2 uses out of one product. The quilted side does all the hard work of removing makeup, whilst the other is smooth to carry out the rest of your skincare routine.

These are £2.49 a packet and you can buy them here.

Another thing I received were these cotton wool balls:

The Organyc cotton wool balls come in a pack of 100. These are £2.59 a pack and you can buy them from here. Again the packaging is great and has a drawstring top to easily close the packet and store them. They are very soft and can be used for a variety of different tasks. I have also given these the job of removing nail polish (I think this is one of the toughest jobs for cotton wool, as the majority of the time they break). I thought that these were going to break and leave trails of cotton wool all over my nails. Much to my surprise they didn't. They were tough and I managed to get one hand of nail varnish off with one cotton wool ball! These would also be good for taking makeup off and for applying your skincare products. Not only that but, they are soft enough to be used with water and on a babies bottom. If I was still using cotton wool and water on Darcie I would love to use these because of how strong they are! These are also 100% organic cotton and have the same style packaging as the cotton wool pads above.

Another thing I received were these cotton wool buds:

I have a new favourite cotton bud! I love these! One obvious thing I use these for is to clean up my ears. They don't bend, they are not to big, the cotton wool hasn't come off in big tufts for me, they've been just brilliant! I would love to use these to tidy up any makeup mishaps as well. Again made with 100% cotton. They have designed the packaging well on these as well! They have a handy open bit at the front to turn the box into a dispenser. You can even tuck it back in again to keep them all neat and tidy. These are £2.69 a packet and you can buy them here.

The last thing I received were the Organyc sweet caress baby wipes:

I am really, really fussy with baby wipes. One reason is because I am using these wipes on my delicate babies skin, the last thing I want as a parent is for a wipe to harm her. Secondly, I don't have time to be fussing with wipes that break, I can't get out of the packet properly or if a wipe doesn't clean up properly. These wipes are tough, clean up good and after using the couple of wipes on the top they pull out easier. The wipes are not to wet and they are not to dry either. They also clean that left over bit of nappy cream up well as well. We are still new to using these, but so far so good. I have no complaints about these. They come in a packet of 60 and are made with organic cotton and formulation. The wipes have extracts of camomile and calendula. I also love the smell of these, they smell so refreshing! The wipes are £5.29 a pack and you can buy them from here.

You can find Organyc over on their social media:
Organyc website

Have you tried anything by Organyc before?

Tasha x

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Perfect Glasses Review*

Hi everyone,

I had recently been contacted by Perfect Glasses. Perfect Glasses sell prescription (or non prescription) glasses online.

Perfect Glasses offer, designer glasses, prescription sunglasses, Men's and Women's glasses all at great prices.

I was given a budget of £50. My first honest opinion was 'a pair of glasses for £50?! My glasses cost me £175+, surely I can't get a pair for just £50?' Well blow me down, they had a wide range of products for £50 and under! I decided to go for a pair of sunglasses, the nice weather is here (well, when it wants to be) and I need a new pair. I went for the sunglasses pictured below and they are part of the Opium range. You can find my sunglasses here.

I chose to have them without prescription lenses as I couldn't remember/find my prescription. As you can tell from the picture on the website my lenses are a different colour. I asked if I could change the tint of my glasses to red. This was no problem. I thought this would make the glasses take forever to come. However, they came a lot quicker then expected. They also offer free returns should you have any problems and a 'no quibble guarantee'. On feature I love on their website is the 'try it on' feature. I know buying online can be quite scary not knowing how the product will look on you. I struggle buying glasses for my face shape so this is an amazing feature for me. You can even upload a picture of yourself instead of using a model. So overall for service 10/10!

The quality frame itself sturdy and the lenses wipe clean well. That's perfect for me, especially as come the summer I am going to have mucky mitts trying to get hold of them.

I am thinking about buying a back up pair for those 'just in case' moments. Not only that there is a wide variety of styles and I think I want more then one style. I'm also thinking about buying my 'everyday' glasses off of Perfect glasses too.

Here are a few 'everyday' style glasses I like:
Here are a few of my favourite designer 'everyday glasses:
A few of my favourite sunglasses:
A few of my favourite designer sunglasses:

I will update this post with a sunglass selfie, but right now I have a hideous spot on the bridge of my nose. Nothing is covering it, so watch this space for an update.

Don't forget to follow Perfect glasses on:

Tasha x

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Where do I start? Career choices

Hi everyone,

You may have seen my recent tweet:

Now this basically all boils down to a career path. I'm 21, I know it's young but I just feel stuck. I feel it's too late for me to change career now. Really it's not, but I feel everything is very limited or that everything costs so much money.

In the UK you leave school at 16 and then go on to college or to do something like an apprenticeships. Now this basically all boils down to a career path. I'm 21, I know it's young but I just feel stuck. I feel it's too late for me to change career now. Really it's not, but I feel everything is very limited or that everything costs so much money if you are an adult learner.

My problem is how do I get there?

How do I achieve what I want to set out to do?

I have 3 dream careers. The first is to be a receptionist or work in some kind of office. Sounds simple. My Mum is an administrator, I love what she does and I could just imagine myself doing her job. I don't know why I just don't apply and see what happens.

The second is a career choice I have had since I was a young girl, to be a makeup artist. It's obvious I love makeup and have an unhealthy obsession with it. I would love to be able to do the whole package, hair, makeup and nails. It would be a dream come true.

The last is a dream that is highly unlikely. This is to become a full time blogger. I'd love to be able to blog and look after Darcie. It would be wonderful.

I think it's so hard to choose a career now. There's so much out there. So many doors to open. So many different paths to choose, but how? How at 16 can you truly determine what you would like to do. I know it is never really too late, but sometimes it just feels it. Even now there's so much to do and there is so little time.

I feel there has to be a job I am made for, but what is it? Does anyone else ever feel like this?

If you could choose your dream career what would it be?

Tasha x

Monday, 24 April 2017

Darice's Wardrobe: 3-6 months

Hi everyone,

I thought I would start a new little series called 'Darcie's Wardrobe'. In this I thought I would feature all of her new clothes we have brought her for her next clothing size. For example this one is for her 3-6 months clothes. Obviously I will probably end up buying her more clothes after the post goes live. I will probably just do haul posts on these in between the 'Darcie's wardrobe' posts. I will try to put a link to where the items are from. However, some shops may not sell the items anymore so I will apologise in advance if I cant find any of the items. Also, we have had to open some of the packs of vests for example, but I will still include them and just mention this has happened. Do ask if you have any questions.

Before I start though I will just mention we have been lucky enough to have had a few bits brought for Darcie. I also look out for good deals on 'like new' or 'new with tags' clothing on my local selling sites or on apps such as 'Depop' and 'Vinted'. I am not afraid to say I do this as she grows so quickly and if I can get stuff in good condition for half the price, I will do that. Also, I find bits on there that I want in the next size up that I didn't manage to get before.

To start with:

Asda: George baby


These were a pack of 3 sleepsuits (we had to take one from it). I can no longer find these on the George website, I have however, found one's similar: Floral print sleepsuits 3 pack. £10. As I am writing this, Darcie actually has the blue one on (and blowing raspberries) and she looks very sweet!


These are a 3 pack of assorted bodysuits. I think these are so cute! Especially the one with the bee on that says 'adorable'. I love the cute collar on it. £6.


If there's one thing I love. It's Disney stuff for my Darcie. This Bambi floral sleepsuit is just the cutest! George actually have some gorgeous Bambi items in at the moment for little girls! £5.


Darcie has worn this crochet trim cardigan once already. She wore this with one of her little dresses. Whilst on the George website I also found a pink one, I now want the pink one for Darcie...


Socks and tights are essentials! Especially as dress weather is slowly starting to roll in. From left to right we have 3 pack of lace detailed tights (£5), 3 pack of cable knit socks (£3) and 2 pack f heart embellished tights (£4). Darcie has worn every pair of the socks and has worn the cream/white pair of lace tights.

Next up is a gorgeous Looney Tunes puffball dress and leggings set. Darcie has worn this once and it looks lovely on. We brought this for £7 and at my time of looking on the George site, it is currently going for £5!


We go through so many vests! So, packs like these 7 pack of assorted bodysuits come in handy! These have cute little rabbit and heart designs on them. They are a bargain at £7.50.

Baby GAP:

I have only brought a couple of bits from baby GAP. However, I have seen some bits in there that I love and I am eager to buy. The leggings below (left to right) are the Ivory frost lace-trim leggings and the pink cameo bow-back leggings. Both are £7.95 each.

Facebook buy's:

I posted on my local Facebook selling sites about wanting 3-6 months clothing. A lady happened to get back to me with 5 dresses all new with tags including Spanish baby wear. (I am a big lover of Spanish baby wear.) I only know where one of these dresses were from the others were probably from a baby boutique. One of the dresses is currently being washed as it was worn the other day.

I believe the first dress was originally around £25.00. The second dress is from Primark and was £6.

The first Spanish dress I believe was originally £38 and I am unsure how much the romper suit was. Both probably came from a boutique. You can find some lovely baby Spanish wear boutiques on Instagram and on Facebook if you don't have any local to you.

All together I brought all 5 outfits (brand new with tags) for £12.

M&Co Baby

M&Co, all in one

First off from M&Co is this lovely romper. It's a denim look with a built in cardigan. This was £12 and sadly I can no longer find this on the M&Co website or anything similar.


I love these 2 dresses. The Minnie Mouse dress is a dress Darcie has had in a similar design since birth. The first dress is the 'Guess how much I love you floral dress' (£14) and the second is the 'Minnie Mouse mock cardigan dress' (£14).


Another piece of clothing Darcie has had similar of since birth, so she now has two of the little tatty teddy's that come with them. This was £14.



I love this on Darcie! My friend has a little boy and noticed these in Matalan. Her little boy has the Mickey Mouse version! I can't wait to get them together in these outfits, how adorable! For the set of 3 (the vest, sleepsuit and bow) it cost £12.

Morrisons (Nutmeg)

I love Darcie in jeggings, her long legs look so sweet in them! These jeggings from Morrisons Nutmeg I believe were £4! If there is one thing I have a weak spot for in baby clothing, it has to be the shoes! I would have all sorts if I could for Darcie. These were randomly placed on one of the rails in Morrisons and happened to be in Darcie's size. I obviously had to have them for her. I believe these were £3.50. (Tags have been removed off of both items so prices are a rough estimate.)


Again, tags have been removed from both items. I would estimate the 'I love my Grandma lots and lots' top at about £3/£4 (somewhere in that price mark) and the jeggings again would have been about £4.


These are a pack of 2 sleepsuits. I am unaware of the price but I am sure we didn't buy these that long ago. The labels are long gone, but I would estimate these at around £6ish (I may be completely wrong).



I love these little dungarees from Mothercare! Darcie hasn't had a pair yet so I am excited to see what she looks like in them. Underneath is a light-weight white vest and the dungarees/bibshorts have poppers at the bottom so it's easy to change nappies. The back is lovely and is a platted cross design. This bodysuit and bibshort set is £16 on Mothercare.


These are a two pair set of leggings from Mothercare. I especially love the pink pair! These pink and floral 2 pack of leggings are £6 in Mothercare.


The last thing from Mothercare is this pack of three tops. This particular pack consists of a floral top, a top with a bunny on saying 'spring has sprung and a pink top. The set of 3 floral tops cost £12.



I fell in love with this dress/top! I love the colours and the flowers. I can't find it on the Primark website but I believe it was around £3/£3.50.


We brought a set of 7 vest and a pack of 3 sleepsuits (Darcie has worn the other 2 so are not shown). I can't remember how much both packs were but they weren't expensive.

Spanish Boutique

Spanish wear

I love these shoes way more then I should. These are 'baby pods'. I picked these and the cute little pink knee high socks with bows on from a Spanish wear boutique near me. I have managed to source the shoes on Ebay at £7.95 (plus P&P). I have also found the socks in a variety of different colours on Amazon.

This is a cute little sleepsuit in a beautiful baby pink. I love the peter pan collar on this. This cost me £17 and I have actually found it on Ebay for £12.99 plus postage!

Tesco F&F


These are a lovely floral pair of dungarees. It also comes with a long sleeved bodysuit, I find these really handy when they come in sets like these. This 'Long sleeve bodysuit and embroidered dungarees' are £10 in Tesco.


This is no longer on Tesco's website, but I love how super soft this is! I am unaware of the price of this fluffy hoodie as it was brought by one of my friends who is going to be Darcie's god-mum! I love the ears on the hood, how super cute are they?!


Again, this isn't on the Tesco website and I am unaware of the price as it was brought as a gift by Aron's parent's. It also has the little ears on the hood. Darcie is going to look adorable!

tesco, f&f

This is a set of 3 leggings brought from Tesco. They are in grey, light pink and pink. They are £6 for the set and I think they are excellent value. Find them here: Set of 3 leggings.

Last thing from Tesco are these tops. Again they come in a set of 3. The leggings above and these tops were also gifted by Aron's parents to Darcie. So I am unsure of the price but would estimate at the £6 mark.

Zara baby

When I walked into Zara baby I was prepared for big prices. However these tops were £3.99 each! You can find them here.

 These jeans are super soft! I love them! You can find the grey jeans here but the peachy pink jeans don't seem to be on there, maybe I just didn't spot them.

Another bargain find at £3.99! These tops are going to be perfect for the spring and summer. They are light weight and they are so pretty! You can find them here.

What is your favourite thing in Darcie's wardrobe?

Tasha x